6 reasons why I hate Valentines Day and one reason why this year is different.

by as mad as birds

Well here we go with ┬átypical anti valentines day rant which so many of us proclaim because we a. genuinely detest the forced upon lovefest that occurs every year on the 14th of February despite our attempts at scratching it off the calendar, b. we are bitter about it because we are alone, c. we are in a relationship where the other person doesn’t like it so feel we have to be the same ..

I don’t like Valentines Day for the following reasons:

1. Flowers suddenly become the key symbol of romance. Flowers? Let’s just recap what flowers do .. they sit in a vase being, I agree, quite pretty in an obnoxious showy kind of way then they wilt and die. Romantic? I think not. Today at work a girl exclaimed “my boyfriend is getting me 100 roses” .. excessive much? Where is she going to put them? It’s going to look like a forest in her house. No one needs that kind of overblown gesture. Give me a daisy and that would be enough .. Daisies are ok, you know where you stand with a daisy.

2. Chocolate. How is what is well known as a comfort food suddenly romantic. Don’t take the only happy thing a single girl in her twenties has away from her and give it to the sickeningly loved up couple who frankly doesn’t deserve it and are going to take ages to eat it. They don’t need it. Give it back.

3. The cost. Why does it have to be so expensive! 1oo roses here, a diamond ring there .. an elephant, a herd of dancing swans and a pony. Show me you love me without taking out another mortgage or extending your overdraft. Love me within your means. I would rather a note on a napkin than a million roses .. have to admit though the herd of dancing swans sounds entertaining.

4. Social pressure. What are you doing for Valentines Day? This has been said to me at least fifteen times a day for the last seven days but it’s not said out of interest but purely as a excuse for them to tell you all about their plans. Society puts so much pressure on love it’s losing all its meaning. My boss told me today how she has told her other half he has to get her flowers and they have to be delivered to work .. why? So everyone can see she got them and know she isn’t alone and is loved. Does it matter if everyone else knows? Am I missing the point here about what love is? Maybe I am.

5. It can make the most sane person go completely giddy. Let’s buy all the bears, make the biggest card and spend all my savings .. I must show him I love him .. it’s Valentines Day! A girl who normally wouldn’t bat an eye lid at this event now has someone and must make all the gestures she can .. All the love!

6. It takes the focus away from the little things that matter. If you are so focused on loving someone on this one day of the year and showing them this then you forget all the other things like the note left on the kitchen table just so it made you smile when you got in from work and they weren’t home yet, the way they cover you over with a blanket when you pass out asleep on them on the sofa and the look they have in their eye when you look up at them on tip toes and smile .. I would rather a life time of these things than Valentines Day. Let’s show how much we love someone all year round .. there shouldn’t need to be a scheduled event for it.

And my reason this year why I don’t feel like this (well not quite so much .. I mean I still think its an overpriced, sentiment lacking degrading “holiday”) is because, quite simply, I am in love and any excuse to show that more and more is alright with me right now!

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